Understanding My Referral Cards

The referral cards show whom you have referred to the Firm. They do not indicate eligibility for a referral award.
Your referral cards have the following information:

  • Referred Candidate's name

  • Date you submitted the referral

  • Reference status: This shows the status of your invitation to the Referred Candidate. It is not your Referred Candidate’s status in the recruiting process

    • Pending: Referral email sent to Referred Candidate

    • Viewed: Referred Candidate received email and clicked the Apply Now option in the requisition

    • Confirmed: Referred Candidate submitted the Referral Confirmation form

  • Copy Invitation to Clipboard: Allows you to resend the referral email to your Referred Candidate. It will be viewable until the reference status is “Confirmed.”

  • Linked Jobs: Indicates the number of jobs to which the Referred Candidate has applied

    • If you hover over the number, you will be able to see the jobs to which the Referred Candidate has applied